The Importance Of Merchandising In The Fashion Industry


The way a fashion brand merchandises their items is paramount to the success and sales of that particular business. It is the single most important way of engaging and inspiring your potential customers. This encourages your customers to buy more of the products you want them to buy and increases your profit margins.


The way a shop orchestrates their window display is the primary reason why a person will transcend the task of window shopping and actually enter the shop. Naturally this then increases the chances of a person actually purchasing something from the shop. You are ultimately giving the customer a reason to buy. The visual merchandiser has a duty to physically present the company and brand to the public and to motivate the customer to make a purchase.


Another important part of visual merchandising is the way in which the products are accessed. The merchandise needs to be easily located in the store and everything should be made as easy as possible for the customer. The way in which the merchandise is displayed plays a huge role in this experience for the customer and in turn affects the chances of a purchase being made.



Education plays a part too. The way a brand displays their products can serve as an important way of educating the public about that particular product. Some customer like to quietly shop and avoid asking questions. The way a brand displays an item of clothing or a physical product should clearly define the way in which the item is intended to be used, worn or put together.


There are many different elements to be considered when it comes to defining your brands visual merchandising plan. Firstly it needs to be broken up in to different categories. Product placement is an important factor in accessibility. Certain products should be at eye level to increase their appeal to your customers. The entrance, window and general store layout should all be considered separately. Props should also be considered. Could certain props serve to further enhance the brand experience of your store? Carefully considering these things will a world of difference.


Colour choices and lighting are extremely important within the realms of visual merchandising also. There is no denying the fact that there is no one rule that fits all. The specific vibe and feeling that a store demonstrates is what separates it from the store next door. It is what creates the experience that keeps the customers coming back time and time again. Is the catalyst of which your company will thrive upon.


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