CMI Is A Proud Registered Education Provider For PMI

PMI is a body that has come to be synonymous with Project Management success internationally. The Project Management Institute are the professional body that award internationally recognised certification to Project Management professionals.

CMI have been running the CAPM and PMP Project Management courses for many years. Each year these courses become more and more popular and the demand requires us to run the courses several times per year. Employers recognise the value in this qualification and employees are eager to obtain it for their day to day employment and for their career prospects within the Project Management sphere.


Many CMI students work for large multinational companies that successfully utilise the PMI methodology daily. Companies like IBM, Google and Microsoft are particularly renowned for the way that PMI influences their day to day business model. These companies are among many large organization that benefit daily from investing in the area of project management and the PMI method. Project Management is often considered the area that makes or breaks a company. It is the premise by which new processes and innovations are introduced and rolled out.

There are many benefits when it comes to an organization having PMP certified staff members. Some of the more prominent benefits include


1. Performance. Over 90% of PMP certified individuals report that having this certification helps them work more efficiently.


2. More Profit. Having PMP certified employers automatically leads to less complications and issues with regards to projects in general. Less time is spent dealing with problems and more time is spent developing and progressing each project.


3. Company Growth. More and more companies specifically request working alongside PMP certified employees. This increases the opportunities and contracts for the business. PMP has come to be recognised as the standard qualification that a Project Manager should hold.


If you are interested in gaining this certification then please call us on 01-4927070. We would love to hear from you.