We love a happy retail story here at CMI. As stores grow and open around the city we love hearing from our students who are employed by them. Our Retail Management Diploma runs three times per year and is a highly recognised qualification.

A certain salad bar has been taking our country by storm in recent months. Chopped is a strong example of a retail fairytale. The ethos behind this trendy salad bar is to help people “balance their eating habits and fulfil their cravings too”. And it seems as though they are doing this very very well. They claim to have developed the company based on a demand from the public for an establishment that promoted health and wellness but did not lack in flavour. Their fresh ingredients and healthy philosophy aimed to please the vast number of people seeking more than fast food at lunch-time, and indeed all day.



One of the greatest things about Chopped is the visual experience. The act of creating your salad is similar to a theatrical performance. The array of colour, the conveyor belt system and the physical act of chopping your ingredients is the very thing that excites people. Each customer can physically see the ingredients that they choose to add to their salad. Everything is in plain sight and it is a colourful rainbow of healthy ingredients. The emphasis is on high protein and low carbohydrates.

The idea was brought to the market by Irish entrepreneurs Brian Lee and Andy Chen. They noticed a great lack of availability of healthy “fast food” and they put the wheels in motion to create their own version of this. With this, Chopped was born. Throughout this process the owners have portrayed a great interest in helping to tackle Ireland’s obesity epidemic. They have great plans to target schools and the community to help educate about nutrition and exercise. This goes hand in hand with their passion behind creating Chopped.

Chopped has grown to be one of the greatest successes in Irish food retail. With a dozen stores already open the next big adventure is rumoured to be the opening of Chopped in Dublin Airport. Regular flyers will no doubt be excited about this healthy food option.

We love to see an Irish retail success story.

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