Why would anyone want to study Crime Scene Investigation?

1000’s of crime novels around the world entertain millions of readers.
Many people enjoy a good read particularly on holiday. Many more, enjoy disturbing and gritty crime investigation stories that will have you burning the midnight oil into the late night hours. The selection of novels to choose from is breathtaking and many of the best sellers come from this category, on the top shelf.


What if you could take your reading to the next level and actually be the investigator at a crime scene?

Well now you can. CMI College in Dublin have launched a new course that provides just that. Hands on practical experience which allows you to collect evidence at a mock crime scene and present that evidence in the Dublin Criminal Court in front of acting Barristers (who are actually Criminal Barristers).

The Crime scene investigation course has all the hallmarks of a novel as there are a number of crime scene scenarios you must attempt to solve. You get a chance to use real CSI equipment. You will wear suits, booties and gloves and learn how to use the actual equipment used by law enforcement agencies around the world.



What if you could learn from real crime scene investigators?

Well now you can. The course has a diverse range of teachers who have many years practical experience.

Recently, Helen Davies from the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences (UK) audited the course and said; ‘I was impressed by the practical nature of the course and how the CMI programme team weave the topics into an action packed 6 month programme’.

Some of the most famous past students who have completed the Advanced Diploma in CSI & Forensic Science include; Inspectors from An Garda Siochana, Environmental investigators and Crime thriller authors.


30 June 2019: CMI HQ: L to R:

Mr Tom Carey
Senior Crime Scene Investigation Lecturer with CMI
Tom Carey is a retired Detective Sergeant from An Garda Síochána. Tom worked in the Ballistics Department of the Garda Technical Bureau as well as the Garda Bomb Data Centre. His duties as Senior Technical Investigator and Crime Scene Manager included analysis of crime scenes, firearm investigation and fire scene examinations.

Ms Helen Davies
Independent Forensic Scientist and Expert Witness (self-employed)
Crime Scene Tutor at Manchester Metropolitan University (part-time)

Mr Andrew McKeown
Andrew McKeown BL, BA, MCL is a practising barrister, having studied in UCD, where he was awarded the Swift McNeill Scholarship. Andrew practises in criminal law, judicial review, and general civil and common law, with a special interest in mental health law.

Dr Barry Whelan
Barry is the Education officer at CMI Communications & Management Institute, and is lead programme co-ordinator and facilitates support for learners throughout the programme

For more information : https://www.cmi-ireland.com/courses/csi-forensics-school