According to yesterdays article in the Sunday Business Post, CMI Lecturer Damien Downes has something very significant to say about the small business in Ireland.

Damien who is a qualified accountant states that small businesses in Ireland are the key driver of the economy and provide local stimulus to the Irish economy. For a business to prosper it must demonstrate value in the marketplace.


Where delivering value is key, gaining an understanding of a firms business model is also critical.  Damiens view is that ”Every business must recognise that their business model is not always sustainable. Every business goes through a four stage process and many need to review and be honest to where they are at in order to move forward.”

Damiens supports his arguments with real case examples of how organisation have succeeded through strategic partnerships. For more info on his unique insight into the fascinating world of start up and Irish small business , read yesterdays Business Post or attend one of his classes.  Sunday Business Post click here

Damien Downes is a lecturer at CMI in their post gradate and graduate management programmes. These courses are a must for people wanting to take the next step to management in either a small, medium or large company or organisation,