Continuing in the series I caught up with Greta Tumiatti, one of CMI’s former students, to check out her experiences with CMI’s Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising and Sales Diploma.

Greta’s Background


Greta Tumiatti is an International student from Italy who came to Ireland to improve her English. She is no stranger to education as she is the proud owner of a BA in Art, Music and Theatre as well as an MA in Multimedia Production & Film/Cinematographic Sciences (Faculty of Literature and philosophy). Greta has worked across various fields including news, television, reception and sales roles. You can see a full history of Greta’s education and work over on her LinkedIn profile.

Greta originally planned to move abroad to develop her English and decided to come to Dublin. After improving her language skills over a few years, she enrolled to do CMI’s course in Marketing, PR, Sales and Advertising.




Why CMI?

Greta was actively searching for marketing and advertising courses online with a couple of her colleagues as they all wanted to develop their English and Sales Marketing skills. Greta already held an Intermediate English Certificate at this point but still wanted to further develop her fluency in the language.


While searching Greta compared courses across the board and decided to go with CMI because their course was FETAC certified and in an English speaking country. She was aware that many colleges offered certificates without accreditation on the NFQ and it was important for Greta that her award would be recognised on a global scale.


Greta’s Experiences


Overall Greta was very happy with her CMI experience. She had nothing but kind words to say about her marketing, public relations and sales lecturers pointing out that they were very supportive and always available for assistance. She liked the idea of CMI’s online Moodle system but personally found it a little tricky to navigate. (Since Greta finished her course CMI have updated their Moodle system to address this issue).


When asked how CMI compared to her previous college experiences Greta pointed out that it is very difficult to make comparisons between full-time and part-time education courses. She pointed out that a majority of her university exams were orally examined and that many of the modules she studied required multiple textbooks. She liked the part-time concise nature of CMI’s course but was keen to point out that sometimes there was a lot of subject material to be covered.


How has CMI benefited Greta?


During her studies at CMI Greta was contacted by Twitter via her LinkedIn profile. They had seen her previous experience in the area of sales and media and also saw that she was ambitiously improving her skills in marketing and advertising by taking on a course at CMI. She pointed out that the fact she was currently studying when they called, allowed her to demonstrate her interest in doing new things. Twitter was keen to hire Greta after a successful interview process due to her previous experience in the field of sales and media along with the ambition she was showing by furthering her skills in adverting and marketing. Greta was delighted to inform me that so far she has been very successful in her Account Executive role with Twitter.


When asked if she had any recommendations about doing the course she told me that anybody who is considering it should “do it rather than not” as it’s a great experience that will help you up skill in the areas of marketing and advertising and simultaneously provide you with a globally recognised qualification.