There is a lot of anxiety for Irish people regarding Brexit. For some relates to their own businesses and how it will impact their trade relationship with the UK. For others it relates to working and studying abroad and the opportunities it may jeopardise or change for them.


In terms of education there are many concerns also. Many CMI part time evening courses result in an Ofqual qualification. This is essentially a UK qualification which is compared and recognised against the Irish framework of qualifications in Ireland. Employers recognise it and it is considered on a par with Irish qualifications of a similar level. It is important to reassure current and prospective students that Ofqual regulated qualifications in England will in face continue to compare to the framework in the Republic Of Ireland irrespective of whether England remains in or out of the EU. This is welcome news for many.


When a student undertakes a part time diploma course the motivation behind it is predominantly career focused. The end goal is a career change or promotion. This of course includes the level of the course. The level of a course is the very means by which a course is tangible to students. A way of situating oneself on a particular tier in any given career. It is one of the strongest elements on a person’s CV. Something an individual can confidently speak about in the middle of a tense interview for their dream position.


Progression is also another very important thing to consider. It is very rare that a person will feel truly finished in terms of education. Taking the next step in that education curve will naturally open more doors and lead to bigger opportunities within their career. That first diploma may have lead to your current role but now you feel it is time to seek promotion within the company. Achieving another level of qualification will give an individual the edge in comparison to others who may also be seeking the very same thing in your organisation.


Ofqual regulated qualifications will continue to stand strong in Ireland. They will continue to be comparable to the framework of qualifications in Ireland and most importantly they will continue to be recognised and welcomed by employers of small, medium and large companies in Ireland.