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CIPS Exam Rules and Regulations

Information Guide on the Exam process

Prior to the day of the exam – Tutorial

One week prior to the day of the exam, you will receive an email from CIPS with a login to the TestReach system. The online tutorial is designed to familiarize you with the exam format you will be using for the Computer based exam. You are advised to take the tutorial at least once before the day of your exam.

On the day of each exam:

  • Allow yourself extra time to locate the exam centre and ensure that you are familiar with its location in advance. If you need directions, please ensure that you check the exam centre location.
  • You should report to your exam centre at least 30 minutes before the exam is due to start.
  • This will allow time to be registered and to be allocated a seat number.
  • Late arrivals are not permitted.
  • Bring your Exam Confirmation Letter (hardcopy printed out or an electronic copy is acceptable on your phone) and some form of photographic identification (driving licence, passport, student card, national identity card). These should be presented to the invigilator at the exam centre reception.
  • You will be required to review and sign a Candidate Rules Agreement to consent to the rules pertaining to the exam centre.

Please note the following very carefully before entering the exam room:

  • Mobile telephones and other electronic devices are not permitted in the exam room and must be turned off completely (not on Airplane /Silent mode)
  • No material is permitted inside the exam room. Lockers are available and numbered according to your allocated desk number. All bags, coats, cellular phones and other items not specifically required or permitted during the exam must be left in lockers at reception.
  • The testing centre is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Studying is not allowed in the test centre.
  • You may not use a dictionary during the exam.
  • You may not use a non-programmable calculator. An electronic calculator will be available on the computer screen.
  • You are not permitted to eat or smoke during an exam.
  • You should not attempt to communicate in any way or collude with any other candidate during an exam.

Breaches of Exam Rules

  • Any breach of these rules will be taken extremely seriously and will result in disciplinary action. Candidates will not be awarded marks for any answers submitted and may face a ban on taking assessments for up to three years.

Invigilator regulations for the exam:

Mobile telephones and any other electronic devices are not allowed in the exam room.

  • If you are found to have a mobile telephone or any other electronic device on you during the exam, you will be considered to be in breach of CIPS exam regulations.
  • The Invigilator administrator will assist me in logging in to my assigned workstation through the use of a personalised email login.The Invigilator administrator will  monitor me during the exam continuously.
  • You are not permitted to communicate in any way with any other candidate, or to act in any way which might annoy or disturb other candidates during the exam.
  • The desk workstation may be CCTV recorded overhead while the exam is in progress.
  • Cheating, or attempting to cheat, is a very serious offence. Candidates found cheating are in breach of CIPS exam regulations and will not be awarded marks for any answers submitted in the series and may face a ban on taking exams for up to 3 years.
  • If you experience problems that affect your ability before or during the exam , you will notify the Invigilator administrator immediately.
  • The Invigilator administrator cannot answer any questions relating to exam content during the exam. Any questions of this nature should be addressed directly to the CIPS assessment team after the exam. 
  • If you finish your exam before the allocated time, please raise your hand to draw the invigilator’s attention. Please ensure that you have logged out of the system.   It is at the sole discretion of the invigilator and numbers sitting the exam on the day whether you are permitted to leave early. If  permitted to leave, please leave quietly and be considerate of others when you leave the exam room.
  • The TestReach candidate desktop app will automatically time each exam and only log you out once the allowed time has elapsed.
  • If you need to leave the exam room to use the bathroom, please raise your hand to draw the invigilator’s attention. Only one candidate may use the bathroom at any one time. Any long absences will be recorded and timed, and reported to CIPS.
  • In the last 15 minutes of the exam the invigilator will announce your 15 minute warning, please check the remaining exam time on your computer screen.
  • After the 15 minute warning has been announced all remaining candidates must remain at their desks until the exam ends.
  • Please leave the exam room quietly when the exam has ended and make sure to gather all your belongings before you leave the test centre.

Remote Exam Invigilation :

By choosing remote exams there is no need to travel, you will be able to sit your exams in the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is a desktop or laptop computer a mobile device and a stable internet connection.

How to make your decision between Remote Exam or Exam Centre

This option has become more popular and allows you sit the exam anywhere. It is approximately 39euro extra for each unit. Software is downloaded to your PC and you have a dedicated Invigilator for the exam.

Make your decision knowing that you can meet all of the criteria.

(If remote invigilation exams is the only option for you, check that you can meet the requirements).

For Remote Exams you will require:

  • A constant, stable and high-speed internet connection.
  • Access to equipment that meets the essential technical requirements.
  • Have a quiet private room to sit your exam without interruptions and no one else in the room with you.


Ultimately on exam day,  it is your responsibility to make sure that you have checked in with your Invigilator before your exam begins and that you can be viewed at all times.

To sit a CIPS online remote exam, you will need a desktop or laptop computer, a webcam and mobile device with a camera and a constant, stable and speedy internet connection. You also need to have access to a private room without any disturbances for the whole duration of the exam.

On exam day, firstly you must sign into your VICTVS V3 mobile phone app to go through a system check process. Then you can login to your exam on the test portal. This is required before each remote exam starts.

Your remote CIPS invigilator will watch you through your mobile device camera.


Technical Requirements

You must meet the minimum technical requirements outlined below:

  • Mac 10.8+ or Windows 7+ operating system Important note: Surface Pro/iPads/tablets/notebooks are not compatible with the testing software so you cannot take your exam on any of those devices
  • Intel Core i3 (or equivalent) and 4GB RAM 
  • A working webcam, microphone, and speaker system 
  • Continuous internet speed of a minimum of 516 kbps
  • A comfortable-size computer screen of at least 11 inches to minimise fatigue.


A compatible mobile device:

  •  iOS – iOS 13.4 and above. Devices – iPhone 7,7 plus, 8, 8 plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 pro, 11 Max Pro, SE (2nd gen), iPad Air 2 (and above), iPad Mini 4, All iPad Pro model
  • Android – 8.0 and above.
Can’t meet the requirements? 

Students that cannot meet these requirements should not book online remote exams and should book CIPS exams directly through CMI Booking website. 


Exam related queries – who to contact:

CMI Exam Team

Tel: 014927070


The Assessment Operations Team – The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply,
Tel +44 (0) 1780 756777

Candidates wishing to apply for special consideration under the CIPS Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration policy, contact:     E:

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