In the present era, workplace health and safety has become of utmost importance for both employees and employers because health and safety risks can cause massive and inexcusable loss to your business in terms of productivity, reputation, regulatory fines, etc. A large number of organisations these days put health and safety of their employees at top priority, which makes it essential for you to have awareness of health and safety issues. Here are the answers to the top health and safety questions.

What are ideal temperatures for workplace?

The regulatory bodies for workplace health and safety have not defined a specific limit for ideal temperature at a workplace; however, an average temperature within a workplace setting should be 16 degrees for moderate work and 13 degrees if the work includes physical effort.

How to conduct a risk assessment for pregnant workers?

A workspace risk evaluation must already consider if there are any risks to female workers in childrearing age group. This may include working conditions, use of biological or chemical agents, requirement of physical effort, etc. When a worker exclusively notifies about her pregnancy, workspace must be reassessed for any newly arisen risks and any identified risks need to be included and managed as part of general workplace risk evaluation.

Who is responsible for smoke-free workplace?

Employers are required to display warning notices about smoking to reduce the risk to the health and safety of their employees from passive smoking and encouraging employees to adopt smoking policies in the workplace.

Can an employee be the sole worker in a workplace?

It is often safe to work alone, however, employers are required to assure that lone worker are not put at risk such as medical fitness, required training, and having reliable system for communication.

How many toilets should a workplace have?

Number of toilets at a workplace is proportional to number of employees with at least 1 toilet for maximum of 5 employees to at least 5 toilets for a maximum of 100 employees.