In the UK some interesting and promising news about the youth population and their awareness of the environment.

A survey of 1,000 people of all ages by CensusWide revealed, two-thirds of 16 to 34-year-olds agree the environment is a top priority for them.The findings come as a report written by young environmental campaigners calls on the Government in England to take a series of steps to ensure nature is flourishing by 2050 and beyond.

The report urges ministers to bring out a long-term plan for nature to maintain the natural world for generations. It also calls for the reintroduction of extinct native species such as beavers and lynxes at suitable locations in the UK.

All tax breaks and subsidies for fossil fuels in the UK should be redirected to renewables, all agricultural subsidies should incentivise wildlife-friendly farming and a quarter of the country’s land and seas should be managed for nature.

The campaigners also want to see 20% of primary school lesson time spent out doors in quality green space, and half that time spent learning about nature.

 For more information about what you can do for the environment check out CMI Environment courses